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In spirit with our core values, it is our firm belief to walk-the-talk, aiming to surface value pragmatically soon. We take leadership in a comprehensive integral approach: assessing, simplifying, and delivering digital transformation in a creative, direct, and output-driven style. And always in close alignment with our clients.

How we deliver iT.

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For well-funded startup, we are setting up the technology foundation, platform, and initial organization to provide the most advanced multi-carrier last-mile smart delivery solution. Differentiating in the sparqle formula is the rider friendliness in sustainable economics for its customers and logistic footprint. This is made possible by new strategic choices & trade-offs in supply aggregation and dynamic pricing for suppliers & drivers versus delivery time. Enable by the most advanced technology and AI.

A business logo of Holy Moly Pizza visualized in its wording decorate with neon lights

CTO in scaling up Holy Moly Pizza. A new radical food-delivery concept that has proven to generate a lot of appetite in the food delivery market in enjoying the most authentic tasting and freshly baked pizza of your lifetime. By preparing the best chef food in front of your house or business, Holy Moly Pizza is expanding its national serving area fast with more than 80 specialized vehicles, offering the best pizza made in no more than 10 minutes. Setting up their next-level technology platform and organization for sustainable growth and expanding footprint.

Business logo of the kids foundation. Visually represented by the 2 words on top of each other.

For leading childcare provider, with labels as Partou and Smallsteps we assessed and support its digital transformation in offering new innovative online/app (self) services for parents and childcare professionals. After addressing the technology readiness on strategic, organizational, and system levels; we initiated and continue to support the integral program, introducing new dynamics of agility and (cost) effective leadership in realizing their digital strategy.

"In a short period of time, Andre was able to integrally assess our Digitalisation Program and underlying technology platform for an essential shift in modernization. His direct communication style helped us see new digital light for many aspects of our organization. In his own authentic style, he showed us the way for a more solid and future-proof digital transformation and general IT organization."

Jeanine Lemmes, KidsFoundation & Partou, Group CEO

A portrait photograph of Jeane Lemmes, the Group CEO of KidsFoundation & Partou
Business logo of the company

For Holland's leading technology service provider for event & catering solutions, we assessed the currently fragmented technology landscapes and service organizations for next-level convergence into an integral 1-platform company. The goal is to strategize and actionize the steps needed to create a clear path for Twelve's product future roadmap and technology platform development while offering managerial and operational guidance as interim CTO in the meantime.

In a very challenging shareholder and vendor environment, Andre provided a clear, effective, and pragmatic strategic way out of modernizing our overdue multi-platforms. After thoroughly assessing all potential commercial, technology-hard, and human-soft factors, a next-level trajectory has been initiated. New modern MACH technologies are our new foundations for our modern e-commerce  1-platform, including new effective go-to-market and collaboration dynamics between product and development.

Pieter de Jong, Twelve, CEO Twelve

Portrait photograph of Pieter de Jong, de CEO of de Twelve company
Business logo of Epex, represented in text as full Epex European Power Exchange

For Europe’s energy exchange platform, we boosted its technology leadership for more effective digital transformation in enabling and supporting its long-term vision. After an initial assessment of the current situation, integral reporting on board level has been delivered, addressing IT readiness on strategic, organizational, and system levels. Followup trajectories included: new cloud sourcing, data intelligence strategy, coaching, and facilitating new IT leadership.

"In his pragmatic and no-nonsense  style, Andre supported us instrumentally shifting gears on our technology leadership. After his integral assessment of the current and future anticipated environment, he was able to report clearly, strategize and actionize concretely our next-level digital transformation, in close collaboration with and coaching on the IT management team of Epex".

Jonas Tornquist, EPEX Spot, COO

Portrait photographs of Jonas Tornquist, the Chief Operating Officer of Epex Spot
A portrait photograph of Theodore Roosevelt

People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.

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