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CTO Advisory

We bring online innovation and digital transformation into acceleration. Driven by customer and people-centric principles in fast-changing market dynamics, we challenge your technology platform, organization, and innovational development for sustainable future success.

How we challenge iT.


We challenge your visionary product leadership in relation to the current and future-required technology platforms. We are specialized in future-proofing legacy platforms into a modern decoupled landscape of microservices.

a big rubix cube in 5 by 5 dimension with flying cubes in and out.


We cut through any legacy-based complexity in order to accelerate technology and product development in online strategies, innovation, agile organization, top-line security, and (regulatory) governance.

A gear box of a car, representing acceleration.

We value servant leadership to inspire and harness your staff full potential into self-driven happy teams. We challenge them to think differently, take ownership, embracing change, learn and thrive forward with inspired action.

5 man holding the hands together to symbolize the teamwork



We inspire and grow (international) teams to accomplish extraordinary things in modern tech-firm dynamics. We provide teams with clear direction, communication, in strategic and transformational alignment.

2 cogs intertwined to represent the complexity of execution

We help online companies regain startup speed in development, agility and cost-effectiveness.

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