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In our service providing, we are inspired by more than 25+ years of broad agnostic working and educational experience in online technology leadership, advisory, and supervision.

How we did iT.

Technology Supervisory

The business logo of the Nederlandse Loterij, symbolized by a big happy orange fish

Supervisory board member at the Dutch national lottery organization. In its mission, the Dutch lottery organization promotes health and social impact through the financial support of major sports and social organizations. Operating labels include the Staatsloterij, Lotto, Eurojackpot, Miljoenenspel, Lucky Day, Krasloten, and Toto. Part of the audit committee overseeing the technology space and financial reporting,  audit, and regulatory compliance.

Logo of INSEAD, the business university near Paris, France

Certified International Director (IDP) - INSEAD. The International Directors Program (IDP) is strategically placed to facilitate directors in shaping their skills and enabling more effective corporate governance in our ever-evolving world. The program delves into a wide range of topics, such as fair process leadership, investment strategy, digital innovation and transformation, social responsibility, cross-cultural awareness, boardroom dynamics, biases, and counterfactuals.

Technology Leadership

Business logo of, represented by a big house, with nife and fork.

CTO for - the leading platform for food ordering and delivery services. Responsible for scaling up technology in all its next-levels like enabling hyper business growth, convergence and integration to a one-platform strategy, platform (re)innovation, organizing for international (co)development, stabilizing and scaling running operations, transforming to new tech-firm values and culture, establishing topline security and fintech compliance and governance.

Business logo of, symbolized by a swirling circle of light green and black half moons

CTO for - responsible for its renewed product strategy, B2B ecommerce platform technology, and global internet operations. Offering true Internet as a service (GIaas) as a disruptive alternative for traditional private enterprise networking. Development of a worldwide internet overlay network infrastructure and a unique innovative e-commerce B2B platform to manage a global base of local internet providers, expanding over 185 countries.

Business logo of, represented by a cheering person in winning an auction

CTO for - enabling the rapid technology growth from startup to unicorn status. Responsible for the IT strategy, product roadmap, software development, and operations of leading auction and deal websites and apps, like,,, and (Re)building a comprehensive IT platform at scale to enable rapid expansion over multiple countries in high-traffic B2C dynamics.

Master of Business Administration (MBA) - Purdue University's Krannert School of Management provides a top-tier international MBA program that aims to develop strategic leaders capable of tackling global challenges. The program offers hands-on learning opportunities to both undergraduate and graduate students, allowing them to apply their classroom knowledge to real-world situations. This prepares students for the constantly evolving business world and equips them to succeed in their future careers.

The logo of Purdue university, symbolized by a big yellow letter P

Technology Advisory

Business logo of, the big 5 Accountancy and Consultancy company, represented by the letters KPMG in front of 4 unfilled squares.

KPMG | Senior/Manager IT Audit, Advisory & Consulting. Gaining broad knowledge and experience in the field of technology strategy, security, governance, infrastructure, and system implementations at a wide range of (enterprise) companies. Responsible for leading assignments, and managing client relations while growing the professional practice in business development. Special focus and expertise in transformative corporate information security and governance.

Amsterdam University | Certified IT Auditor (RE). A three-year postgraduate program, sponsored by KPMG; covering a broad range of information risk and technology audit and assurance domains. Special focus on corporate governance and security to help companies transition pragmatically to the new online economy (>1998). The program includes the first year of foundation in financial audit and internal control organization. Certification is subjected to work record and continuous learning.

Logo of the Vrije Universiteit Nederland, symbolized by the letters V and U and the embleem of the university being a Pegasus

Tilburg University | Information Science & Business Economics (Drs). Master programs at Tilburg University in the Netherlands. Gaining extensive knowledge and analytical skills in business economics, computer science, technology architecture, and algorithmic and software programming. Special focus on successful strategies and application of new web (multi) media in the learning organization for in the early days of Compact Disc Interactive, multimedia, and the internet (1994).

Logo of Tilburg University, represented by the the 2 words and below the embleem of the university, being a tree with 7 leaves and 3 people below.
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