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We are passionate about innovative online ventures in their mission to serve humanity for a better world. In this aspiration, we target special-purpose startup companies to be supported, incubated and accelerated by our extensive network, potential investment, advisory and leadership. 

How we thrive with iT.


It all starts with a great idea.


But it takes an exceptional founder team and all the best help and resources they can access, to make a great company that achieves growth and makes a real difference.

We love to get to know and challenge your online business ideas and proposition to the next level. In our explorative conversations, we will explore, challenge, and stretch your initial idea based on our online experiences in product viability and business success.

We do this by providing them with the strategic insights, operational tools, and guidance they need to turn their excellent ideas into powerful initiatives and startups


In our approach, we aim to de-risk as much as possible for a sound proposition to be pitched to potential investors.

We help you find and connect with the right financial partners to help your company go next level and how to prepare for.


This could also be us. In many forms and mutualities, especially as the product or service of the to be invested company will help humanity in any shape or form.

We will offer our personal networked services to help out in the right timing with the growth of your online business.

The world globe embraced with 2 leaves to emphasis a sustainability future
2 man shaking hands. The left man is standing on a big light bulb. The right man is standing on pile of big coins.


We bring in our experiences in building the technology platform needed - or re:innovating your current legacy landscape - to enable your online business strategy in modern principles.


We advocate best-in-class SAAS and cloud solutions to enable rapid business growth and lean output-driven product development.


We design for loosely coupled enterprise architectures to organize, modernize, develop and maintain secure and future-proof technology platforms.


As we walk our talk, we provide clear direction and communication with end-in-mind dynamic principles to achieve strategic goals in expectation, time, and budget.

We advocate a servant leadership style to harness your staff's full potential into self-driven happy teams.


We love to challenge people to innovate, think differently, take ownership, embrace change, learn and thrive forward in committed action.


Although we spend one-third of our life in bed, innovation has been surprisingly dormant in this industry.

That is why we created the Vidabed. The world's first smart bed to provide true life-enhancing sleep innovations and experiences.

Vidabed offers individual and self-learning personalized functions to provide the most optimal sleep conditions and wellness in sleep guidance, temperature control, body, and mental wellness.

Besides the individual, Vidabed takes potential interference from sleep partners to the next level in anti-snoring and apnea solutions.

All for you to get the best out of your dormant life, to become a better person awake.

.Although humanity has never been so socially informed as today, we never felt so disconnected.


Economic prosperity and emerging technology have brought us all the means to manifest everything we want. Historically life has never been so comfortable and controllable, as it seems...

Ironically to find out by each and one of us in our own unique life journey, that these things are not at the core of real lasting happiness.

At the core of true-life wellness is the discovery of who you really are and authentically connecting spiritually with others' souls to expand your awareness.

Soulvation is the world's first spiritual dating site for discovering your soul in who you really are by connecting you with unique matching guardian angels to help you on this discovery.

The logo sign of Vida bed, with the pay-off slogan: sleep wellness
Logo sign of Soulvation, with the pay-off slogan of: unify yourself

Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.

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