Facing the ultimate scale-up dilemma


before IT is too late..


We take honour in bringing online innovation and digital transformation into acceleration. Driven by customer and people centric principles in fast-growing and changing market dynamics, we love challenging your technology model for future success.


We advocate innovative and loosely coupled enterprise architectures with best in class (cloud based) solutions. We stay abreast of market trends and innovations to enable rapid business growth and boost product and software development. We take pride in modernising legacy systems into future-proof and secure technology platforms.


We bring visionary product and entrepreneurial leadership with result-driven delivery of technology platforms at-scale for B2C & B2B markets. We cut through complexity in order to accelerate technology and product development in differentiating strategy, disruptive innovation, smart organisation, top-line security, and pragmatic governance for regulatory compliance.


We believe technology is all about the human factor in attracting, developing and retaining outstanding talent. We practice servant leadership to inspire and harness their full potential into self-managed teams. We challenge people to innovate, think differently, take ownership, embracing change, learn & thrive forward with committed action. 


We are passioned about building and growing (cross-international) teams to accomplish extraordinary things in modern tech-firm dynamics. Beginning with the strategic end-in-mind, we take pride in relentless execution, provide distributed team clear direction and frequent communication and alignment in tune with regional culture and values.


We help online scale-ups regaining start-up speed in development, agility and cost-effectiveness.



Online companies are enabled, centered and bound by its technology foundation. Commercial success is heavenly dependent on the extent technology can growth in accordance with advancing market and product dynamics.

delay of releases of
new product features

falling behind to
(startup) new entrants

technology becoming bottleneck for product & commercial growth


increasing bug-fixing
and trouble shooting

increasing operational inefficiencies & downtimes

increasing legacies
in technology debt


decreasing code quality
increasing work arounds

decreasing development
taff motivation

difficult to recruit new
qualified and talented engineers

From STARTUP opportunities ...

Let's face IT. The majority of the established online companies are dealing with the same technology challenges and dilemmas. They operate an increasing complex platform driven by increasing urgencies for customer-facing features. For the right entrepreneurial reasons, this has become a single IT focus. Keeping up with the essential business development from start-up, break-even to the glorious scale-up phase. It all paid off well.

The business seems to be ready to fly off to new heights. New investors and stakeholders are lining up to participate in this next-level journey. New management and talent are attracted to join the ride with many new product ideas to add to the booming IT roadmap. New ambitions are set in reaching market dominance with winner-takes-it-all bravery. Everybody seems to be excited....

... to SCALE-UP problems

Behind the scenes, the only department less excited is Technology. For the last years, they have been under increasing pressure and frustrations to deliver as they did so excitedly during the start-up phase. The lead technical developer of the early days who is now your CTO is under the scrutiny of decreasing delivery of increasing backlog. Increasing backlogs reveal that the whole machinery has become less agile, cost-effective and exciting to work for.


Enter the infamous START to SCALE-UP dilemma. The technology platform that was sufficient to kick-off your business initially has become increasingly problematic to serve the next-level business objectives. Problems that drill down to the core fundamentals of the underlying technology platform, like:

Our approach

What needs to happen is bringing back the same speed, agility, cost-effectiveness, and excitement like in the start-up days.

This can only be done by reshaping the ever growing platform into new smaller pieces to allow for new start-up like dynamics. Facing the start to scale-up dilemma essentially implies growing bigger by reshaping and organising smaller.


As it sounds simple, it is a complex transformation as re-engineering the core platform may never compromise the running money-making platform in uptime and integrity.

The running operations of the platform need to be protected and risk-controlled at all time and costs. This causes many dilemmas between operational stability and the strategic need-for-speed to rebuild and modernise the platform for meeting new business demands.

Breaking through the start to scale-up dilemma requires a different kind of technology leadership to cut through all the complexities and interdependencies from business strategy to operational running technologies.

Our solution

Our integral solution challenges and addresses the technology architecture, organisation, processes and culture all together. Enabling new output-driven productivities in co-development over multiple locaties and cloud-driven scalabilities in running operations.

Nowadays enabling local co-development on a one-central platform is crucial to compete on an international e-commerce stage. Our approach addresses the core of the technology center from architecture to organisational breakdown to new way of working by self-managed remote team.

Decoupling and scaling up the initial start-up technology landscape into autonomous services and teams will provide essential autonomy and ownership to regain start-up speed in development, agility and cost-effectiveness.


It will set the pathway for new scale-up levels were lead-time to market of new development and resilient operations can thrive again, serviced by world-wide engineering talent regardless of location or coding technologies. It is time to RE:innovate.


Breaking through the start to scale-up dilemma requires
 a new kind of technology leadership.



Nowadays online companies requires a deeper level of technology supervision and governance. Longterm success depends on the right technology foundation and approach to drive commercial and sustainable growth.



Global is the new local. Internet has made us all connected. As geographic barriers crumble in online markets around the world, companies are rushing in digitalisation to find new opportunities for growth. Accustomed to dominant positions in local markets, they face foreign rivals wielding a daunting array of advantages: substantial financial resources, advanced technology, superior products, powerful brands, and seasoned marketing and management skills.



Innovation has become the most important differentiator to stand out in online success. The process however is very delicate. Despite all the efforts from established companies, the firms that often stand out in developing disruptive technologies are often entrants to its industry, not its incumbent leaders. Innovation requires an outside-in approach, using creative brainiacs to shake up the common practice. 



Online companies are more than ever in the game of organising for the best human centric business. Finding the best talent is key in developing and running the technology platform needed to develop and standout in the global market. New ways of working have emerged to supply human capital in a more efficient, variable and flexible business model. In this game, everyone is invited, breaking the barriers of geography and traditional employment.



Time to market for new product development has become the leading factor to stay ahead of competition in rapid changing markets. Business need to be smart as ever before in order to be successful online. Lean has become the new paradigm for fast and agile development. Implementing he right development approach, based on sustainable flexible growing architecture will enable a much faster growing business, outsmarting its competition.



We need to leave the idea that companies need the have their unique code-base in order to differentiate in their market. Engineering needs to be more business-centric than ever. It needs to focus primarily on developing a lean landscape of open available connected components to enable fast-track delivery of differentiating business requirements. It is time for a more smart engineering approach to lead and keep up in global online competition.


Leading online companies require new  and deeper levels of technology supervision. 


We looking forward in meeting your challenges in digital transformation, technology management at scale in development and operation and supervision.

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