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About Us

GiBLE stands for Guidance in Business Lean Engineering.


It icon symbolizes the continuous happy flow,  from product, development up to operations, spirited and fueled by our direct approach, in digital strategy, transformation, and operational excellence in the online business.

How we flow in iT.

Business logo of


Logo of HappyFlow Model


The embleem of, being the 2 overlaying infinity symbols is here overlayed with the sequential phase of the HappyFlow of IT effectiveness


Crystal Ball

PRODUCT is like your crystal ball, providing valuable insights into your online market. It helps position your products or services strategically for success and effectively understand customer needs in terms of design and engagement. It involves collaborating with cross-functional teams in new development and introduction, bringing products to market, identifying new opportunities, and ensuring that the company's products remain competitive in the e-commerce landscape.

A shining golden medal, with below the word Operations

OPERATIONS is the center where the money is made, and reputation is earned in effectively releasing and continuously operating the platform to serve the customers. It is where web architectures and cloud systems are designed, developed, deployed, and maintained according to the best practices and advancing standards. Its main function is ensuring 24x7 diligence, quality, reliability, security, and scalability of the online offering - while protecting reputation, customer satisfaction, and loyalty.

DEVELOPMENT is where the magic happens in transforming ideas through iterative creation into product reality. Using modern agile and MVP principles and practices, the software development department is the creative heart of the technology organization. Its function is coding high-quality software releases in short iterations, with frequent feedback and collaboration, using competitive technologies and best practices to deliver high-quality online applications that meet the needs and expectations of their clients

A wizard's hat with a magic wand that generated golden stars

People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.

A portrait photograph of Theodore Roosevelt
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