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We advise, lead and supervise online companies toward next levels in technology strategy, innovation, product, software development, architecture, operations, security, and governance.

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A close-up photograph of Andre Buren leaning on a high table top.

Andre Buren (1971) is an executive advisor, supervisor, and interim CTO for innovative and modern technology leadership.

He has over 25 years of broad experience in managing technology, from vision and strategy to planning, management, product and software development, running operations, security, audit, and corporate governance in the online industry.

Andre is a people servant and a pragmatic, results-driven leader with high energy and enthusiasm. He is an inspired decision-maker, leading complex organizational transformations by building high-performing teams in a winning and enjoying culture. 

He believes flow and joy are critical elements in a productive and thriving culture. In his approach, there is a constant drive towards motivating people, who are at the core of any successful business.

As an executive coach, Andre helps new generation leaders grow into senior executive roles, having his clients benefit from his own experience and lessons learned as a technology leader.


He likes to challenge and counsel, with the ultimate goal of increasing the (business) impact of technology on organizational strategy, people, and society.


Andre’s coaching style is best described as candid, honest, sometimes direct, and confronting while attentively listening and connecting.

His style in coaching is to create an environment where open and challenging conversations can convert into committed actions.

"We will explore new ways how to turn challenges into pragmatic and effective next steps to inspire, transform and deliver impact for your business, your technology domain, and your people going forward."

"I believe in our ability to accomplish anything we are passionate about. Finding the ‘why’ within yourself, and in your organization, will bring out the best to serve your business. As a coach, I focus on identifying your purpose, energy, and what drives you."

"I am keen to align the corporate vision in relation to your personal purpose and values to unleash higher performance and satisfaction."

Today’s supervisory board of online companies has to contend with a host of new dynamics, challenges and risks. Maintaining competitive advantage in today’s fast-moving online markets is one of them as it requires governance with a deeper focus on technology.


In its accountability for the organization’s performance and sustainability, supervisory boards face increasing responsibility in validating the right technology foundation for the company to be successful.

​“Technology is often underrepresented on the supervisory board level. This is even the case for online businesses primarily built upon technology. Supervisory is still primarily scoped around (regulatory) audit and compliance."


"The real risks for online companies to stay ahead in their increasingly changing technology landscape are much more complex and range from the right technology strategic roadmap to the operational resilience of its infrastructure.” 

Photograph of Andre Buren, standing in front of a crowd

Successful leadership and companies thrive on
 authentic and intrinsic motivated people.

In rapidly changing competitive environments, digitalization drives the need for new business models, customer requirements and boardroom dynamics.

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Do not judge me on my successes, judge me on how many times I fell down and got back up again.

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