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CTO Supervisory

Nowadays online companies require a deeper level of technology supervision, audit, and governance. Long-term success depends on the right risk-controlled foundation and approach to drive commercial and sustainable growth. In our approach, we focus on the following domains.

How we control iT.

The world globe with in front the Vitruvius man from Leonardo Da Vinci

Global is the new local, the internet has made us all connected. As geographic barriers crumble in online markets, companies are rushing into digitalisation to find new opportunities for growth. Accustomed to dominant positions in local markets, they face new (international) competition rivals wielding a daunting array of advantages: deep financial pockets, advanced technology, superior products, powerful brands, seasoned marketing, and leadership skills.

A Rubix cube in 4 by 4 dimension, with in and out flying cube parts.

Innovation has become the most important differentiator to stand out in online success. The process however is very delicate. Despite all the efforts from established companies, the firms that often stand out in developing disruptive technologies are often entrants to its industry, not its incumbent leaders. Innovation requires an outside-in approach, using new talent to shake up the common practice. Key to sustainable success is the right balance between out- and inside innovation.

A circle of 12 man, each with an arrow point towards the center where there is a bulls eye plate.

Online companies are more than ever in the business of organizing in the smartest ways possible with the best resources. Finding the best talent is key in developing and running the technology platform needed to develop and stand out in the global market. New ways of working have emerged to supply human capital in a more efficient, variable, and flexible business model. In this game, everyone is invited, breaking the barriers of geography and traditional employment.

A big shining diamond, representing brilliant leadership

Visionary leadership is most critical in growing online business. We believe  leaders should be servant to their employees rather than authoritarian; they don’t seek control over their employees. Instead, fueled by inspirations, they provide controlled freedom to determine the best path to actionize the vision on all organisational levels. It requires discipline to hold on to the envisioned end state and commitment each day from all involved. 

5 man holding hands together to symbolize engineering teamwork

Time to market for new product development has become the leading factor to stay ahead of competition in rapid changing online markets. Engineering needs to be more business-centric than ever. Agility has become the new paradigm for fast and lean development. Implementing he right development approach, based on sustainable flexible growing architecture will enable this agility in fast-track delivery, outsmarting its competition.

Leading online companies requires new and deeper levels of technology supervision.

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